About Lovely Persian Kittens

Lovely Persian is a family owned cattery which breeds principally Persian kittens on a small scale only for American families like us. Currently managed by me Clark and my wife Jenny, our children regularly participate in raising the kittens, we make sure each Persian Kitten is raised with love and treated like royals, and make sure to keep the business functioning on the basis of love and not profit.

Why the Persian Kitten ?

We personally feel it’s the best cat breed, but before that i received a Persian kitten as a gift in 2000  and it kept me company while living alone, Then i met my wife Jenny, who was crazy about Persian cat and also knew a great deal about animals. Our dream of breeding this lovely cats saw life in 2008. Since then we have been breeding some of the healthiest and strongest Persian kittens in the USA

Our Mission

Our Mission is simple build a reputation of breeding the most stunning Persian Kittens, Win regional and national cat competitions and flood the USA with lovely Persian kittens. We are already doing that with about 180 Persian kittens sold since 2008 in the USA. We are also activate in cat shows and actively fight for animal rights not just the Persian kittens.

Our Policies

Buying Kitten

All kitten cost is accumulated into one price, including shipping and accesories. And upfront payment is required prior to shipping and it is non refundable.

Home Visits
A visit to our cattery can be arranged after you have registered for the wait list and paid the $50 fee, together with a non-refundable $100 deposit toward a future kitten purchase. This requirement is designed to identify serious cat buyers. If you merely want to see a couple of my cats but are not planning to buy a kitten, you are welcome to come see us at the next cat show I attend. Just write me to find out when and where that will be.

All Kittens purchased from Us are registered with TICA, ACFA and CFA is
What You Should Receive
• A purchase agreement
• A record of vaccinations given and a full CBC blood chemistry panel done on most cats before vaccination
• A blue TICA registration slip is supplied after you have altered your pet
• A copy of the cat’s pedigree (produced by the us; you can an official TICA pedigree can be purchased from the cat associations after sending the blue registration slip in).
• A pdf file containing my own selected information on kitten care and food
• A Vet Health Certificate
• A kitten

Shipping of Kittens/Cats
Even though we prefer to travel with our kittens to see the homes they are moving into, we rather ship the kittens to their new family, usually in a 24 hour period depending on the Buyer. They come with its toys and accesories such as a cat bed.

By buying our Persian kittens you are agreeing that you will not have the cat declawed. Declawing is a cruel amputation and it is not practiced anywhere in the world besides the United States. To learn more about declawing, here are some useful links. I suggest that you start with the relevant CFA Guidance Statement and then look at some other web pages with useful information on this point:


We raise all her kittens on a diet of mostly raw food. If you would like to continue to feed raw food, you can get detailed information in the kitten handout. We recommend you supplement chunked meat (ideally from animals raised on organic pasture or organic feed) with liver (for extra taurine) and finely ground bones and vitamins (which can be purchased from Feline Future or Platinum Performance). If you wish to use canned or dry food, We recommend you choose a brand that is grain-free and has a high protein content. We provides detailed information about cat nutrition to those who purchase her kittens in a pre-made handbook.

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