Manny Female Persian Kitten

Age : 11 Weeks 6 days

Sex : Female

Weight : 2.5 Ib

Price : $600 USD

More On Manny

The most charismatic litter currently at  our cattery is  Manny herself, Very playful on her own but much more playful around other kittens and would keep everyone entertained ,very funny . She is not going to grow that big, but would  be the heart of the party.

Parents of our  kittens are carefully selected for their outstanding breed characteristics and extra loving and floppy personalities so that these traits are passed onto their kittens. You could ask us more details about the kittens or the parents.
When your kitten comes home he or she will be fully litter box trained and will have started training on using a scratching post. All necessary Cat paperwork are delivered with the kitten you that includes registrations and Vet Health Certificate for easy travel.You can read our pet policy to know more.
All kittens will have had all their kitten shots, de-worming, and flea prevention treatment prior to coming home and will arrive freshly bathed and brushed. Kittens that are shipped will arrive in a new carrier with a cat bed that is yours to keep. We offer a full health guarantee on our kittens as well as a genetic guarantee.
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